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General & Patient Library: SG's Professional Reading List


U.S. Navy Surgeon General, Rear Adm. Bruce Gillingham, announced the launching of his professional reading list in February 2020. “The reading list is comprised of books that have helped shape my perspective as I have developed as a doctor, naval officer, and leader over the course of three decades of service,” said Gillingham. The 37 titles are organized by Navy Medicine’s four priorities—People, Platforms, Performance and Power. Each book was selected to strengthen understanding of these priorities while fostering the skillsets and thinking needed in today’s Navy Medicine. The books cover a wide-spectrum of topics—from management and leadership to history and biography to philosophy and medicine. Although intended for all personnel serving across Navy Medicine, Gillingham explained that the reading list should be considered “a suggested guidepost for independent study” rather than a formal requirement or an “end all to learning.”


Many titles on this list are available in print in our General Library collection, and as ebooks and audiobooks through the OverDrive site where you can download them to your personal devices.